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Abdullah Tuğcu

Abdullah Tuğcu

Abdullah Tuğcu has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Istanbul University and a Financial Law graduate degree from Marmara University. He's a minority shareholder of TGRT Haber TV A.Ş. which owns TGRT FM. He's in the Board of Directors of İhlas Holding, a conglomerate active in a wide range of industries including construction and real estate operations, media and communications, manufacturing and trade, mining, education, and healthcare. Here, he serves as an executive board member responsible for financial affaits. He's also the Chief Financial Officer of İhlas Yayın Holding A.Ş., the media group of Ihlas Holding.

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İhlas İnşaat Holding A.Ş., In the Board of Directors

http://Nam Gayrimenkul A.Ş., Head of the Board of Directors, owns no shares

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