Media Companies

Most media companies in Turkey operate under large business groups and these groups operate in various other business sectors, ranging from construction to energy and transportation, where they sign contracts with the government and enter public tenders.

The only shareholder of Turkuvaz Media Group, is owned by Kalyon Group which is active in the construction sector in Qatar, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Iraq as well as in Turkey. They have undertaken several important infrastructure projects over the years, including İstanbul New Airport, Erbil Duhok Water Supply Project, Turkey-Cyprus Water Supply Project, İstanbul Region Natural Gas Steel Pipeline, İstanbul D-100 Highway Metrobus Line, Taksim Square Pedestrianization Project and many others.

Demirören Holding is an important player in the oil and industry sector.

Doğan Group constructed hydroelectric and wind energy power plants (Boyabat HEPP, Aslancık HEPP, Galata WEPP).

Ciner Group and Doğuş Group are active in the energy and mining sector.

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