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Media ownership and concentration

2,474 daily newspapers, 3650 magazines, 899 radio stations and 196 TV channels are active in Turkey (TUIK 2018). People who use internet make up 72.9% of the population and internet access rate of households is 83.8% (TUIK 2018).

According to Reuters Institute Digital News Report (March 2018), the urban sample groups indicate that people who get news from print make up 46 % and people who get news from TV 77 % of the population. People who get news online including social media make up 87 %.

71 % of all media followers are owned by four media groups. They have investments in at least three media types out of the four types studied throughout this research, which are radio, TV, newspapers and online web portals.

Among the top media owners, Turkuvaz / Kalyon Group (30%) have investments in all four sectors. The second one is Ciner Group (15%) which has investments in only TV and online market after the Group closed its print media (Habertürk Daily) in 2018. Although Demirören Group has investments in all four sectors, as the Group does not publicize the audience shares of its online news portals, MoM Turkey couldn’t count it to calculate the impact on the audience concentration. Despite having no audience share data for its online news portal, Demirören Group (15%) became the third larger company in Turkey. The Doğuş Group is the fourth with the %11 of the audience share.

They are followed by Estetik Yayıncılık (Sözcü Daily and website - 10), Hayat Görsel Yayıncılık (Kanal 7, Radyo 7, - 10%),State owned TRT (9%) and Türk Medya (5%).

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