Media Consumption


According to a media consumption research conducted by the state statistics organization TUIK, 77% of the population watch TV, 55.90% use the Internet, 44% read daily newspapers and 15% listen to the radio. 

With a rate of 58% Internet penetration, Turkey is 19th in the global scale - up from 21 the year before. 

Although TV is the most popular pass time, 90% of the population prefer online media to to reach news. 73% say they read the news on social media.

According to a research by Reuters Institute, almost two-thirds of the sample (64%) use Facebook to share and discuss the news. 

With a rate of 80% TV is the second most popular news source for Turkey. Print follows with 54% and radio is the least popular traditional media with a rate of 41%.  

Statistics show that the Turkish public use mostly mobile/smart phones to access the news.

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