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NTV was the first 24-hour news TV channel when it was founded by Cavit Çağlar in 1996. It was bought by Doğuş Group in 1999.

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Cavit Çağlar

Affiliated Interests Founder

Born in Komotini, Greece in 1944, Cavit Çağlar is a businessman and politician. His textile business grew in the late 70s, he made real estate investments and became the president of Bursaspor in the 80s. Known to be very close to Süleyman Demirel and his party DYP, Çağlar became a Parliament Member in 1987, 1991 and 1995. He was also a Minister of the Treasury twice in the 90s. In 1996 he founded NTV, the first news television channel of Turkey, and sold it to Doğuş Holding in 1999. He was caught and arrested in the United States as part of his debts and financial involvements with various banks in April 2001 and was imprisoned until February 2002. He still owns Olay media group that has a local tv channel, newspaper and radio station.


Şadan Gürtaş

Affiliated Interests Ceo

A graduate of Anadolu University's Faculty of Business and Administrative Sciences, Şadan Gürtaş has been working for Doğuş Group since 1968. He is on the Board of Directors of Doğuş's construction firm (Doğuş İnşaat) as well as others in Doğuş Holding, where he's also worked as a manager in the past. He's the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the conglomerate's media companies that own NTV and Kral FM.


Nermin Yurteri

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Nermin Yurteri is the editor in chief of NTV and the manager of radio broadcasts and programming. She entered NTV as a reporter, worked in the Ankara bureau for many years, and rose to the News Coordinator seat. In leaked phone conversations attributed to her in March 2014, she’s heard having a conversation with then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Chief Advisor Yalçın Akdoğan. Akdoğan pressures her to have pro-government guests on air among various other editorial interferences.


Ahi Evran Cad. No: 4 34398 Maslak İstanbul, 0212 335 00 00,

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