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Turgay Ciner

Turgay Ciner

Born in 1956 in Artvin, Turgay Ciner is the owner of Ciner Holding, a mega corporation with investments in media, mining, energy, real estate and tourism; including Eti Soda, one of the world's largest soda ash ore deposits. In 2013, Ciner's net worth is estimated to be around $1.36 billion and he was listed as number 1367 on Forbes' list of the world's billionaires in 2016. He entered media in the late 90s with Sabah newspaper. In 2013 he grew his media enterprise by acquiring Show TV from the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund of Turkey (TMSF) that had seized it from Çukurova Group. He's also the owner of Kasımpaşa Spor Kulübü, which has a stadium named after Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

He founded Habertürk newspaper in 2009 which was closed in 2018 due to reportedly financial issues.

Media Companies / Groups
Media Outlets



Park Si̇gorta Aracılık Hi̇zmetleri̇ Li̇mi̇ted Şi̇rketi̇, Shareholder; Construction & Real Estate

http://Park Holdi̇ng Anoni̇m Şi̇rketi̇, Owner %100, Head of the Board of Directors


Kasımpaşa Sporti̇f Faali̇yetler Anoni̇m Şi̇rketi̇, In the Board of Directors

Mining & Energy

Ci̇ner Soda Yatırımları Madenci̇li̇k İthalat İhracat ve Ti̇caret Anoni̇m Şi̇rketi̇, In the Board of Directors

http://Akkan Enerji̇ ve Madenci̇li̇k Anoni̇m Şi̇rketi̇, In the Board of Directors

Mining &Tourism & Trade

AFC İthalat İhracat Turi̇zm ve Ti̇caret Anoni̇m Şi̇rketi̇, In the Board of Directors

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