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Measuring Audience

Like elsewhere, audience data is a crucial currency for the advertising sector in Turkey, which relies on certain research companies.


Television channels are still one of the most attractive platforms for advertising. Television Audience Research Committee Joint Stock Company (TİAK) measures the audience data in Turkey. In 2012, Kantar Media signed a contract with TİAK to replace AGB Nielsen Media Research after a scandal erupted in the rating system. 

Advertisers' Association and The Association of Advertising Agencies are the two main shareholders of TİAK. ATV, BEYAZ TV, FOX TV, KANAL 7, KANAL D, SHOW TV, STAR TV, TRT 1 are fully measured by TİAK. On the other hand, A Haber, CNN TÜRK, Haber Global, Habertürk, Halk TV, KRT, NTV, TELE 1 and Ülke TV are partially measured by TİAK. Monthly reports are published on the TİAK website and they are publicly accessible.

TİAK 2020 annual average data was used in the MOM.


For newspapers, circulation numbers are highly suspicious. The Press Advertisement Institution (BİK) had issued circulation figures after summing up the numbers from print distributors, which are Yaysat (belonging to Doğan Group until sold to Demirören Group) and Turkuvaz Dağıtım of Kalyon Group. However, Yaysat decided to be closed in November 2018. This decision resulted in the distribution being made from a single company, Turkuvaz Dağıtım. It is argued that this situation creates a monopoly in the distribution market. It is widely believed that circulation numbers are inflated, for example by free distribution, to boost income from private and public advertising.

In October 2020, a Parliamentary question was also submitted to learn the real circulation numbers.

After Turkey adopted the Presidential Government System, the Press Advertisement Institution (BİK) stopped sharing its activity reports with the public. With the responsibility for inspection transferred to the Presidency’s Directorate of Communications, it shares neither the circulation data nor the information on the distribution of public ads. The amount of revenues distributed to newspapers for ads and announcements is only indicated in the Institution’s activity report, but this report is not shared with the public.

Average circulation data for 2020 was obtained from the Presidency’s Communication Center (CİMER).


Advertisers' Association, Turkish Foundation of Advertising, Radio and TV Broadcasters Association (RATEM) and National Radio Broadcasters Association (URYAD) have formed the Radio Monitoring Services Organization (RİAK), which monitors 50 radios. The organization's clients include radio agencies, media planning and sourcing agencies. As of October 2019, radio measurements in Turkey began to be made by Kantar Media. 

December 2020 data was used in the MOM.


Gemius Turkey belongs to the Gemius Global network. They have a site-centric and audience-centric measurement system, providing traffic data of websites as well as sociodemographic data.

The MOM Turkey team used the data, analysed by Gemius Turkey, reflecting the average for the last quarter of 2020 for the most visited news portals. However, data on the visits of these sites could not be obtained.

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