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Audience Concentration

Cross-media concentration is based on the audience shares of top 8 media groups in the sector. Audience shares of these groups are then weightened according to the relevance of media types in the country. The relevance of media types was calculated based on the most recent research carried out by Reuters Academy, which found that people in Turkey use Internet media sources the most to access news (90 per cent). 80 per cent of the public choose TV as source of news, whereas 54 per cent get news from newspapers and 41 per cent from radios.

The top eight owners of media in Turkey share almost 40 per cent of the cross-media audience in the country. Half of these top media owners have investments in at least three media types. The top media owners, Doğan and Kalyon Group, have investments in all four media types and share 10 per cent and 7 per cent of all media audience respectively. These are followed by Demirören Media (6 per cent) and Ciner Media (5 per cent) and Doğuş Media (4 per cent).



Top 5 owners in TV share more than half of the entire audience. Turkuvaz Media reaches the largest audience share in this market (12.04 per cent). Dogan Media comes second with 10.82 per cent of the shares of the audience and state run TRT third with 10.52 per cent of the audience. Doğuş Media Group, the management of which is considered to be intervened by top government officials, hold 10,15 per cent of the TV audience in Turkey. Ciner Media Group holds 8.63 per cent.


The radio sector in Turkey shows a medium concentration in terms of audience, with the major four companies reaching 44 per cent of the audience. A large part (21 per cent) of the radio audience in Turkey is held by Doğuş Media Group. TRT stations hold 11 per cent of radio listeners. The largest media group in Turkey, Dogan Media, holds 7 per cent of radio listeners. Show Radio is fourth with 5 per cent.


The distribution data of print media in Turkey is an issue of large debate. As the circulation shares of most print outlets are found to be unreliable, the MOM team in Turkey finally had to "make do" with the official numbers. According to these numbers, print media circulations are highly concentrated with four major owners holding 59 per cent of readership. These are Doğan (22), Kalyon Group (15), Ethem Sancak Companies (12) and Estetik Media (10).



Online news media largely coincide with major print outlets in Turkey. 10 out of 15 online news portals with a high audience are web sites of print or TV outlets. Four major owners hold 55 per cent of the audience share. These are Demirören Group (20 per cent), Doğan Group (17 per cent), Kalyon Group (9 per cent) and Yeni Medya Group (9 per cent).

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