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MOM Team

The MOM 2020 project was conducted by a team of IPS Communication Foundation, a local partner of Reporters Without Borders (RSF).


Sinem Aydınlı, Researcher & Translator & Editor – MOM (MOM 2018 & MOM 2020)

Selay Dalaklı, Editor (MOM 2020)

Fikret İlkiz, Legal Context (MOM 2018 & MOM 2020)

Ali Seçkin Karayol, Web Integration & Infographics (MOM 2016 & 2018 & 2020)

İlker Gökhan Şen (Media Regulation, Translator) (MOM 2018 & MOM 2020)


Erol Önderoğlu, Evren Gönül, Nadire Mater, Öznur Subaşı

Elif İnce, Researcher – MOM Burcu Karakaş, Researcher – MOM (MOM 2016)

Nihan Güneli, Legal Context (MOM 2016)

Burak Dirihan, Işıl Eliçin, Özlem Dalkıran - Translators (MOM 2016)


Reporters Without Borders:

Olaf Steenfadt, Head of Project MOM (MOM 2016 & MOM 2018)

Lisa Kretschmer, Project Coordinator MOM (MOM 2016 & MOM 2018)

Dilay Yalçın, Project Manager, Turkey (MOM 2016) 

IPS Communication Foundation

IPS Communication Foundation was founded in 1993 with the aim of realizing projects in the fields of communication and development. Since the year 2000, under the roof of Bağımsız İletişim Ağı (BIA - Independent Communication Network), the foundation has been producing daily news stories on, organizing workshops for journalists and communication students, publishing books on basic journalism, monthly reports on “male violence” and quarterly reports on freedom of expression.

As an independent media from Turkey, bianet says "Another communication/media is possible" through its peace journalism perspective and rights-oriented journalism practice; produces daily news stories in Turkish, English and Kurdish under one main website and five sub-websites (biamag, Women and LGBTI, Child, English and Kurdish).

Reporters Without Borders

Reporters Without Borders, Reporter Sans Frontières (RSF), was founded in Montpellier (France) in 1985 by four journalists. It is registered in France as a non-profit organization and has consultant status at the United Nations and UNESCO. RSF advocates for media freedom, supports independent media and protects endangered journalists worldwide. Its missions are:

  • To continuously monitor attacks on freedom of information worldwide;
  • To denounce any such attacks in the media;
  • To act in cooperation with governments to fight censorship and laws aimed at restricting freedom of information;
  • To morally and financially assist persecuted journalists, as well as their families.
  • To offer material assistance to war correspondents in order to enhance their safety.

Since 1994, the German section is active in Berlin. Although it works closely with RSF's International Secretariat in Paris to research and evaluate media freedom worldwide, it is organizationally and financially independent. In that role it has incubated the Media Ownership Monitor project between 2015 and 2019, and continues to supporting its further dissemination alongside the cause of media pluralism at large.

Global Media Registry

The Global Media Registry (GMR) collects, compiles and provides – either publicly available or self-reported – datasets and contextual information on media outlets around the world.

In doing so, the objective is to enhance transparency, accountability and responsibility in the information space. Thus, the GMR facilitates better choices and decision making, both algorithmic and human, of all stakeholders. These may include every citizen and consumer, regulators and donors, as well as the private sector – for example advertisers and intermediaries (a. k. a. platforms and distributors).

By providing this public service as a social enterprise, the Global Media Registry contributes to the advancement of the freedoms of information and expression at large.

It was founded as a spin-off from the Media Ownership Monitor project, which it now operates as a non-for-profit LLC registered under German law.

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