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Ethem Sancak

Ethem Sancak

Born in 1958 in Siirt, Ethem Sancak graduated from Istanbul University's communications faculty in 1976. He started a small medicine business in the 80s which grew to an internationally operating conglomerate including a hospital chain. His media group owns three national newspapers, 3 television channels, 2 radio channels and 2 magazines as well as websites. Sancak is openly very supportive of the ruling AK Party and the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. He has famously said he was "in love" with Erdoğan and would sacrifice his family for him, and has admitted to having entered media to support him. Sancak owns all shares of 'ES Yönetim Danışmanlığı', which is the main shareholder of the company (T Medya) that has over 765 million Turkish Liras in capital and publishes Güneş and Akşam newspapers. In 2013, he bought Güneş, Akşam, Sky360 TV, along with two radio channels and various magazines from the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF), which had seized it from Çukurova Group. In leaked phone conversations attributed to Sancak, he can be heard complaining that he had to acquire bankrupted media outlets. In 2014, he also acquired all shares of the Star Media Group (that owns Star Newspaper and 24 TV) from businessman Fettah Tamince. He has taken an ombudsman (Demokrasi Hakem Kurulu) position in AK Party since 2012. He has also purchased BMC (via a public tender where he was the only participant in 2014), a company that has won many tenders including producing tanks and water cannons for the Turkish army and police.

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BMC Otomoti̇v Sanayi̇ Ve Ti̇caret Anoni̇m Şi̇rketi̇, Shareholder %50 and Head of the Board of Directors

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Murat Sancak is a businessman and Ethem Sancak's nephew. He's the head of of MT Holding, a large group active in health and technology, especially mobile credit card payment devices. He used to lead Star Media Group, and at one point was a 50 % shareholder, now owned entirely by his uncle Ethem. He's sits on the Board of Directors of many media companies that belong to Ethem Sancak, such as T Medya Yatırım, Star Medya Yayıncılık, Atlas Yayıncılık, Alem Radyo A.Ş. and Bilişim Radyo A.Ş.

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